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THE LIGHT: How Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) healed my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and the struggle to deliver this remedy to those with Alzheimer's ... (The Next Revolution in Medicine Book 1)

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The US Army and DOD spent over $800 million over 10 years browsing for a therapy for distressing brain injury (TBI), and found that low level light therapy (LLLT), using either light giving off diodes (LED) or laser, helped those with TBI. The option has actually not been offered by any significant medical gadget producer, whom the public and the federal government relies on to get it to market. Neurofeedback also assists with TBI.

When I started to lose my memory from a concussion suffered as a teenager, I looked for the technology and it recovered my memory in six weeks, and it has actually been stabilized for 1.5 years. I have the brain scans to show it. A double blind, placebo regulated study of 11 people with Alzheimer's was performed by the Quietmind Foundation, and provided at a major Alzheimer's Conference. Instead of being viewed an appealing clue, it was dismissed as insufficient people to make a difference. Over 200 drug trials have failed. I have found out a great deal about this illness, the lack of urgency in science, and the lack of effort in industry. One of the drawbacks of this option is that it is non-invasive. Meaning no drilling, scalpels, hospitalization, drugs, contraindications. While an MD would have to recommend it, it might be administered in the house, or in an assisted living center, or health center, by a medical service technician, nurse or caretaker. While this implies a great decrease in expense versus an expensive drug or surgical implant, that advantages patients, not always producers.

The purpose in publishing this book is to get the facts out to the public, the industry and the federal government, so action is required, and failure to act can be noted. We are talking here about soldiers and those with head injuries, on the one hand, however our dads and mothers, sisters and bros, who suffer a dreadful end of life tragedy from Alzheimer's and dementia. More people suffer from Alzheimer's than cancer, heart illness or diabetes! So lack of action is inappropriate.
There are no bad people included, just a lot of who are unambitious, uncaring, and afraid to rock the boat. In such circumstances, absolutely nothing helps more than getting the details out, and removing the intricacy that offers health care specialists an unjust benefit over the public. Especially when the notion of "do no harm," has actually been swept under the rug. The industry movement to offering Alzheimer's patients an implantable deep brain magnetic stimulator (DBMS), at maybe $100,000 per client, is excellent for the supply side, however unneeded for the patients. A safe, lower expense, low level light therapy will do. Market is ranked by P&L, and not outcomes. Worse, there are 5 million Alzheimer's victims in the United States, and 40 million, worldwide. The distinction in expense will make some large companies richer, and insolvent much of society.

< br/ > This is details that can help everybody, public policy planners, health center administrators, neurologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, caretakers, nurses, and patients, familiar with the capacity. There are brand-new biomarkers what work with ANIMAL scan equipment that can discover Alzheimer's in advance of the first amnesia. The light technology can stabilize degeneration. That implies we can stop the pandemic. Researchers and physicians require proof. The truth is, proof based medicine is not a good indication when the funders just money what they believe in. Dental professionals have gotten FDA approval on using light therapy to regrow gum tissue. Researchers in Israel are restoring heart tissue in human beings, in situ. This can transform cardiovascular disease, CHF, and reduce health care expenses.

However as in lots of timeless markets, the incumbents do not always with to alter. For this reason I have written this book. We can stop this pandemic with this understanding.

"Non-invasive technology is the next revolution in medicine," mentioned Richard Satava, MD, former DARPA program supervisor.

< br/ > < br/ > Help get the facts out, and stop Alzheimer's and TBI.

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