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Liebherr Genuine Fridge Freezer Door Handle Hinge Repair Kit - cheap UK light shop.

Price: £16.60
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Product Description

We are happy to present the famous Liebherr Genuine Fridge Freezer Door Handle Hinge Repair Kit.

With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a brand you can trust. The Liebherr Genuine Fridge Freezer Door Handle Hinge Repair Kit is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

For this reduced price, the Liebherr Genuine Fridge Freezer Door Handle Hinge Repair Kit comes highly recommended and is a regular choice for many people. Liebherr have added some excellent touches and this results in great value.

Manufacturer Description

Liebherr Fridge Freezer Door Handle Hinge Repair Kit

Product Features

Replacement Door Handle Hinge Repair Kit For Your Liebherr Fridge Freezer. Fits Models: BNES295621D, BNES296621E, BNES296623, BNES296623A, BNES296623B, BNES296623C, BNES325620, BNES325620A, BNES325620B, BNES325620Z, BNES325621, BNES325622, CA402320A, CBES365620D, CBESF400620, CBESF400622, CBESF400623A, CBN385720, CBN385720C, CBN385720D, CBN385720E, CBN385720F, CBNES365620A, CBNES365620B, CBNES365620C, CBNES365620E, CBNES365620F, CBNES365620G, CBNES365620H, CBNES365620I, CBNES365620J, CBNES365620K, CBNES365620L, CBNES365620M, CBNES365620N, CBNES365621, CBNES365621A, CBNES365621C, CBNES385621B, CBNES385621C, CBNES385621D, CBNES385621E, CBNES385621F, CBNES385621G, CBNES385622Z, CBNES385720F, CBNES385720G, CBNES385720H, CBNES385720I, CBNES385720J, CBNES385720K, CBNES385720L, CBNES385720M, CBNES395620, CBNES395620A, CBNES395620B, CBNES395621, CBNES395621A, CBNES395621B, CBNES395621D, CBNES395621E, CBNES395621F, CBNES395621G, CBNES395621H, CBNES395621I, CBNES395621J, CBNES395621K, CBNES395621L, CBNES395621M, CBNES395621N, CBNES395621O, CBNES395621P, CBNES395621Q, 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Product Information

cheap Liebherr Genuine Fridge Freezer Door Handle Hinge Repair Kit in uk. we at provide UK delivery. Liebherr make amazing products.

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