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The Esthetic of Log Furniture Beds

Log furniture beds are an innovative furniture style that has transformed the traditional bed. A log bed brings in rustic styles which uphold the shape, luster, and texture of the wood used.


Moreover, logs retain the natural qualities such as bold grains and knots of the wood. In simple terms, a log bed keeps the natural elements of the wood used making the bed unique and different from the rest of the traditional hardwood beds.


Their unfinished treated look maintain the rustic theme. Anyone wanting a log bed can get a customized bed or bed plans that they can use to make DIY log furniture beds at home.


Log furniture beds can be made to match various contemporary styles and buyers are advised to shop around several outlets selling said style of beds to see the variety in store before settling for one or more beds.


Browsing helps the potential buyer compare price points, the features and also reviewing the store/manufacturer to see what other clients have to say about the product. Fortunately, log beds are crafted from both hard and soft wood.


Most popular trees used for making log furniture beds include; hickory, cedar, maple, oak, and walnut, willow, cherry, birch and alder are other wood varieties used for such beds.


Since log beds are becoming popular by the day, they are now a standard feature at closeouts and fair price shops.


Online furniture stores, lifestyle stores and local brick and mortar stores are also carrying different types of log furniture beds allowing customers to choose a style that befits them.



Buyers may opt to read catalogs, reviews and guides to find the right log furniture beds that will match their decor.


Other than designer varieties, there are plenty of log furniture beds styles that have been discounted and others sold at same price points as other types of beds. The beauty of investing in log beds is their durability.


These beds will stay for over a century and if kept in the right conditions will take a long time before they start aging. For quality beds, search for log furniture beds that will not grow weak, decay or rot after attacks from termites and other insects.


Look for log furniture beds made from woods with natural oils which make them resilient from insects and such like problems. Happy Shopping!