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What Bar Stool Defines You?

After finally getting the time and the money to install a bar in your basement or adding an island/new counter to your kitchen, it means that you’re in the market for a bar stool. As bland as this step seems, it plays into the look you’re going for.


Getting the right bar stool makes your kitchen/bar more comfortable not forgetting the beauty aspect. When it comes to selecting the correct bar stool, you have an endless sea of shapes, styles, and types of seats to choose from.


To make things a little easier below is a guide on the kinds of bar stools you can choose from…


What To Look Out For

Before getting the stools, you should have the correct measurements for your bar. Nothing complicates things as buying a stool set that is either too high or too low for your kitchen/bar counter.


Bar Measurements: In most instances, a bar stands at 40”-42” high. The correct bar stool should stand at the height of 28”-30”.

Spectator: A type of bar standing at 45”-48” high and requires a stool seat height of 33”-34”.


Vanity and Kitchen Table: The standard height stands at 28”-30” high and the appropriate stool with a seat should stand at 17”-18” tall.


Lunch Counter: The average height for this table is 28”-30”. The ideal bar stool with a seat would be 17”-18” high.


What Are The Features?

Barstools are diverse at this day and age. Footrest: If you’re after creature comforts, then opt for a bar stool with a footrest.


Swivel: To make things more fun, consider purchasing stools that allow all seated to twist about as they enjoy their drink of choice!


Folding: If you only require to use your stool from time to time, opt for a foldable seat. There are several types of foldable seats.


Adjustable: The bar stool that allows you to adjust the height either upwards or downwards to get the table level.


Chair Back Designs

Another crucial thing that will define the shape and type of bar stool is the stool’s back. Let us gloss over several kinds of backs:


Backless: The most favorite bar stool. It’s loved because it gives the user freedom to move at a 360° angle without any restriction.


Low Back: Delivers a feeling of a backless stool but adds extra support. A contemporary bar stool that works well for people needing a little support.


High Back: The ideal stool for anyone after comfort. The high back seat offers full support and restricts the user to 180° turn.


Cross Back: The perfect stool for individuals looking to create a pub-like setting.



When you’re seeking to add a bar stool to your house, the above guide will help you determine which stool is the perfect choice. Read through carefully before making that important decision.